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VMS 4500


The VMS 4500 is a call centre switch with superb voice quality. It can be used to front-end any telephone answering system, wireless paging terminals, and order entry systems.

It includes an IVR voice messaging system that can function like an automated telephone answering system without agent interventions while allowing access to live operators at any time during the call.

It includes a processing module for alpha dispatch applications and can also be equipped with encoders that perform paging as a value-added service.

System software is designed with web-based programming. All features, hardware, and software are customized for efficient call centre and TAS applications.

This equipment is configured for 'remote' co-locations at secure facilities (e.g. Select Communications Inc./Select Call Centers Inc.)

Digital Switching

Szeto Technologies VMS 4500 is the central switch for the Linux based Call Linx TAS system. It provides clear channel audio paths and call distribution from and to telephone company connections. Voice quality is crystal clear, and telephone interface can be digital, analog, or any other combination.

Inbound calls are queued according to programmed priority levels, with wait cycle times set to guarantee service. Call distribution to agents is based on skill levels, skill class, idling time and other pre-determined criteria. The number of rings before auto answering is programmable. Up to 3 different greetings are allowed for use on different occasions.

VMS 4500's "Call Tree" feature is the call path design tool that allows branching from the main box number to many subsidiary mailboxes. This increases the type of available services and report options. It also increases the scope and flexibility of call distribution.

Voice Messaging

VMS 4500 can record, initiate, send, share, direct, and redirect voice messages. It can send out scheduled reminder messages and/or wake-up calls via telephone, pager, cellular, etc.

It can patch and transfer calls to subscribers without agent intervention while maintaining privacy (call screening) and one number accessibility. It also emails notification of completed rendezvous calls.

Subscribers can edit their message delivery methods and sequence on the internet (if offered by the TAS/Call Centre). There is no limit on the number of delivery methods, which include telephone, mobile, fax, email, and paging.

IVR Work Alone & Employee Protection Systems

IVR Work Alone accounts provide self-serve protection to employees who work alone. The employee simply dials into their work alone number, states their location and suggested follow up time (or as stipulated by their company's policies). If an employee fails to check in via the work alone system they will receive an automated follow up call to their contact number and/or a supervisor on call will be notified.

Operator intervention is available at any time with Szeto's flexible work alone programming - combining the best of economical worker protection plans with the care and concern of live operators.

Alpha Dispatch

In a TAS environment, those who subscribe to Alpha Paging will have their messages sent to TAS agents. When an angent has been connected, VMS 4500 will play the subscriber's message repeatedly for transcription. The text is then sent to the paging terminal via the TAS system.

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