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Remote Receptionist Service

If you're thinking about remote receptionist service consider this - in business, missing a phone call can mean missing out on a great business opportunity with a potential new customer or even losing a long-term customer who is frustrated with leaving messages.

With the extra duties given to receptionists and front desk staff, how can you be sure no call is ever missed?

Remote Reception

A remote receptionist service can provide great service to their customers by ensuring that no calls are missed and that every single call is handled consistenly with professionalism.

24/7 remote reception also provides customers with a personal human touch, which answering machines and voicemail systems are lacking. Select answering services have state of the art technology and proven industry experience to provide businesses with assistance in taking calls, booking appointments, taking detailed and accurate messages, and providing basic company information to callers.

Where can Remote Reception be used?

A remote receptionist service can be used by companies, both large and small, to act as either a "back-up" system to their in-house reception or as an extension of their business. This system can be used if the front desk staff is busy, away from the phone, on lunch, on a break, or away sick.

Many companies that employ an in-house receptionist will use an answering service to provide them with remote reception outside of business hours. This provides the company with assurance that no call will ever be missed - a real bonus for emergency calls and after hours general inquiry calls for professional services.

Remote reception services can be used by companies that do not have the resources to employ an in-house receptionist. The answering service simply acts as the front desk staff for the company.

All incoming calls are received by the operators and in many cases the system is so seamless that the caller would be unaware that they are actually speaking with an answering service rather than the front desk of the company.

But beware, your answering service must have high speed clear channel switching equipment that can guide each incoming call to its "most desired outcome".

What are the benefits?

Companies that partner with a select answering service for remote receptionist service have peace of mind knowing that their incoming calls are always being handled as per instructions, allowing their staff to prioritize and focus on more important business priorities without having to worry about being interrupted by the phone!

Saving on Staffing Costs

For companies that use this service instead of a front desk staff, there are other great benefits. In addition to knowing that all calls are being handled, they would avoid having to go through the tedious interviewing and hiring process. They would also not have the extra expenses that go along with hiring, training, and employing a full-time receptionist.

For More Information

Want more information about our services, or just want to chat? Don't be shy! Contact us and we'll be happy to talk with you!

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