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Receptionist Answering Service

Using a receptionist answering service is an effective way for businesses to ensure that all of their calls are being answered personally and promptly.

Your company would simply hire a call center - which in turn employs operators who have been specially trained to answer incoming calls that have been forwarded to them by many different companies.

Well, there's a little more involved that just a little training and a ringing telephone!

Select Call Centres invest hundred of thousands of dollars - no exaggeration - in sophisticated call center hardware and software. This telephone answering software identifies every incoming call, finds an available operator with the right skills and training level for that call, and "rings" the call at his or her workstation.

In addition to that, the call center software brings displays a screen at the operator's workstation with all the information needed to answer the call professionally.

As the call progresses, the answering software guides the operator through a script that ensures that all necessary information is collected and that all appropriate actions are taken.

While all this is happening, and second-by-second log is recording all inputs: what the caller says, what the operator does, and the final disposition of the call. Needless to say, Nothing is left to chance!

This receptionist answering service can be used as a replacement for a live receptionist or as a means for a company to handle their calls outside of office hours or on weekends. Bottom line - after a call has been received by the answering service, the operator can take a message or the call can be instantly transferred to the appropriate person as determined by the caller instructions.

In most cases this system works so well that many callers are unaware that they are speaking to a telephone operator rather than the in-house receptionist of a company.

Who uses this service?

Telephone answering services are used by a variety of businesses ranging from small offices with only a few employees to large international corporations with thousands of employees.

A smaller company may use this service to handle all of their incoming calls. By doing this, the company would avoid the costs of hiring an in house receptionist and their existing staff would not be overloaded with trying to handle all incoming calls. This would allow a smaller company to present an organized and professional image to callers.

Large companies may use this service in addition to having an in-house receptionist. In this case, the answering service would only answer calls that come in when the receptionist is busy or away from the phone and unable to take calls.

Larger companies may also use this service to answer all calls that come in outside of office hours or to protect employees working alone or in hazardous environments. Unlike a receptionist, an answering service provides services whenever they are needed - any time, any day.

Whether the need is part-time, overflow, after hours, or full-time, the answering service can be available anytime.

What are receptionist answering service benefits?

When a receptionist answering service is used, the customer is immediately getting a trained staff of skilled multi-taskers at their disposal. A good answering service has a skilled personnel department that knows how to hire the right people the first time!

Contrary to common belief, skilled agents working for the right answering services (like Select Answering Services) get the hours they want to work and the pay they deserve! And why not? It takes bright, capable, and professional people to represent your business successfully!

This system allows the company to have up to three positions covered at the same time. By using operators to answer incoming calls, the company is getting a personal assistant to take and forward messages, a receptionist to handle all incoming calls, and a qualified customer service or sales representative to answer basic questions about the company or take orders.

There are many huge advantages for a company that chooses to use a receptionist answering service. The company is getting a huge amount of help with handling their incoming calls and they are able to focus on more important tasks without worrying about what kind of customer service they are providing.

Professional call centre operators have been trained and are continually being monitored for call quality to ensure that a company is being represented by agents who truly are the best in the business! These agents present a good image of professionalism and organization to incoming callers and having phones professionally answered adds a personal touch that many customers appreciate and prefer over voicemail.

Want more information, or just want to chat? Don't be shy! Contact us and we'll be happy to talk with you!

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