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Professional Answering Service

A professional answering service is a service that is often utilized by a company in order to help manage inbound calls. This system insures that telephone operators are available to assist clients and provide information when the company is not available to take calls. An answering service can provide live operator answering, dispatch, voicemail, and inbound customer support.

In an age of digitized voices and computer answering, experienced and trained operators will provide a calm and friendly human voice for business callers and customers to speak with twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year.

How does a professional answering service work?

An answering service can be used to handle all incoming calls for a business or just calls that come in outside of business hours. They will answer calls from a line that has been forwarded to them and they will answer in the name of a business.

When the service is set-up, the client gives instructions on how they would like the telephone answered, the information they require from callers, and how they would like the calls to be dispatched. When a call comes in, all of the information provided by the client will appear on the operator's computer screen with a script that prompts the operator to handle the call intelligently.

After the call has been answered, the message can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on the wishes of the company. Emergencies, office messages, and telephone orders can be sent to the company in multimple formats including pages, text messages, faxes, or emails. Depending on the client instructions, callers who need to speak with someone right away can be patched to the cell phone or residence of the on call person.

Who uses a professional answering service?

This service can be used by a variety of companies both large and small. Clients of answering services come from many different business areas and can range from small family medical offices to large international oil and gas companies and everything in between!

Large scale companies, of any industry, may use this service in addition to employing a full-time business receptionist. This service could assist the company by handling overflow calls and answering during meetings,lunch breaks, statutory holidays, vacation days, and sick days. This system could also be set-up to handle calls that come in after hours. An answering service could also act as back-up in the case of a power outage or an equipment malfunction that causes the telephone lines to stop working. In this situation, a company wouldn't have to worry about the calls they are missing because they would be going directly to the answering service.

Smaller scale companies could use this service as a replacement for an in-house receptionist. It would be more cost-effective and an answering service can provide the same level of service as an in-house recptionist, if not better. Smaller companies could also use this service to assist with employee check-in, dispatching on-call staff, taking orders, and screening incoming calls.

There are many benefits of choosing to have an answering service answer incoming calls. Professional call handling represents an investment in customer service and shows that a company is fully dedicated to providing exceptional service to their customers.

An answering service can help a company attract new business by providing a professional image and can also help them retain their current clients, by ensuring that their calls are always taken care of, regardless of the time that they calls. With the professional call handling technology and trained live operators, callers will perceive a business to be courteous and professional.

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