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Physician Answering Service

In many cases, a physician answering service is vitally important for the medical community and their patients. There are very few service-oriented businesses that are required to be so accessible to the public as the medical community. Day and night, regardless of time, medical personnel are available to the sick and injured in a variety of health related situations.

This service is important to assure patients that their doctor cares about them and that they have someone to reach out to at anytime.

How does it work?

A physician answering service provides qualified and professional telephone operators who are trained to handle a variety of calls that come in after hours and while a physician is away from the office. These operators are able to effictively deal with emergency calls, schedule appointments, and can route calls to the appropriate staff by following an accurate on-call roster provided by the medical practice.

The answering service can also be used during daytime office hours to assist the reception staff with calls coming in during busy times. Operators answer calls in the name of the practice and act as the face of the clinic when no one is available. For new patients, the answering service may be the first point of contact and using this service can enhance the professional image of the company.

It is important to note that these operators do not have medical training and it is not their responsibility to attempt to diagnose patients. It is the responsibility of the operator to follow the instructions followed by the clinic and obtain vital information needed by the on-call doctor. Operators must follow the client instructions to find a balance between needlessly distrubing the on-call doctor and efficiently connecting them to patients in need of immediate attention.

Benefits of using this service

Using a physician answering system is a huge investment. Hiring an answering service of high-quality can be pricey, but many medical offices are choosing this as an option. A telephone answering service is a small item in the total costs of operating a medical practice and in the long run, a top quality answering service is a bargain because of the improved patient satisfaction that it creates.

Answering service staff realise that a physician's time is valuable, which is why operators to take care to ensure that call processing is handled quickly, accurately, and with sensitivity to both the patient and the on-call physician. When the clinic provided detailed instructions to the answering service the on-call doctors will not be awakened with nuisance or non-urgent calls that could wait until morning.

The state of the art technology used by an answering service gives the operators immediate access to vital information that determines how calls are routed. This information can be changed by the medical office at any time and any on-call changes will be implemented instantly. Operators are committed to protecting the privacy of the patient and the reputation of the physician. Calls will be recorded to protect the clinic in the case of a misunderstanding or an error on the part of the patient or the operator.

Using a physician answering service enhances the prestegious reputation of a physician by acting as a professional extension of their business. Good telephone image is important and using an answering service enhances the professionalism of a medical practice.

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