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Phone Answering Service

What is it?

Formally, a phone answering service is a telecommunications service provider that is employed by a business to process incoming telephone calls. This service can easily become the "best friend" of every business in North America and throughout the world. Phone answering services are used around the world, by a huge variety of companies in many different industries. The use of this type of service remains popular becuase they allow businesses to provide their clients with exceptional customer service.

How do they work?

Typically, incoming calls are forwarded from a business to an outside call centre where operators are available to provide callers with the help they need. Whether a company needs their calls answered all the time or just after hours, skilled operators will handle all incoming calls with a high level of care that customers truly appreciate. Companies are able to choose their own greeting and the system is so seamless that clients will never know that a business is using an answering service to handle their calls.

There are three main functions provided by a calll centre. An answering service relays urgent calls to on-call personnel, screens calls to protect staff from unwanted calls, and provides an off-site "front office" secretary to either replace an in-house secretary or to handle excess calls during busy times and after hours.

A phone answering service acts as though they are part of the company and operators are always available to take messages, page staff, patch calls, and interact with clients. Agents take messages and deliver them directly to the correct person. Other common services provided by a call centre include call answering, message taking, appointment scheduling, order taking, and technical support.

Benefits of using this service

Using an answering service is ideal for organizations that are looking to reduce costs while improving the quality of their customer service. It is increasingly important to take care of customers on their terms which requires a business to be available at all hours. Calls that come in outside of business hours represent lost revenue. Staying connected to customers means increased revenue, improved customer service, and increased customer loyalty.

Due to holidays, meetings, lunch breaks, and vacations, it becomes difficult for a business to ensure that someone is always available to answer calls. These systems make it possible to have a fully functioned, highly trained, and professionally staffed "office" at all times, without the additional costs associated with paying salaries or benefits. A phone answering service makes up for staff who are unable to answer calls.

Every day, businesses lose customers because live, knowledgeable, courteous customer service representatives did not answer the phone. Customers aren't stupid -- they are aware that they help businesses stay afloat by providing profits. They have come to expect a certain level of service ans will go elsewhere if they do not receive it. By being readily available to help customers, a phone answering service keeps customers hapy and lets business communication flow uninterrupted.

All businesses are likely to benefit from using this type of service. It is designed to help a business meet the ever increasing demands of their clients and has many benefits for both businesses and their customers.

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