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Cheap Answering Service

Is there such a thing as a cheap answering service? For many companies that are looking at using an answering service, the answer is no. There are many companies that offer budget answering services but in many cases there are disadvantages to using these companies and the money spent by the customer is not worth the costs that were lost by missed calls. For most customers, having a quality answering service is worth the investment.

Answering Service Hardware and Software

In many cases, discount answering services operate on a tight budget - that's why their prices are so low.

We've seen business plans to start an answering service that include a typewriter and notepads for their answering service "hardware"!

Obsolete technology means spotty service. It's a simple as that!

What's the Staff Like?

Staff at these types of answering services often have a negative attitude while answering calls.

In many cases, wages are low and there is a high amount of staff turnover, which could lead to calls being answered inconsistently - leading to customer dissatisfaction.

What many people don't consider is the amount of professional training and supervision it takes to have a really great operator/agent team.

Agents that are poorly trained are often unable to handle incoming calls in a professionally.

This creates problems for a company using a low cost service: their customers become frustrated with a rude and unprofessional telephone answering service and take their business elsewhere.

Outsourcing of Cheap Answering Service

Some cheap answering services use outsourcing - which is the practice of having calls answered by an overseas call centre. Choosing an answering service that does this would have a negative impact on a business.

These telephone operators may be hard to understand or have a poor grasp of English language nuance. Critics of outsourcing feel that it is deceiving and gives a poor image to businesses that use this tactic.

Many of these answering services use equipment that is outdated, this helps them keep their operating costs low. Cheap services are often ill-equipped to handle a high volume of calls which results in longer hold times and more missed calls.

Outdated equipment can also cause poor sound quality on patched calls. Cheap answering services also have limitations to the types of services that they can offer.

A basic answering service may be cheap but likely doesn't offer many options and features.In order to have options, more money would have to be given to the call centre which can increase the cost of the service.

Choosing an answering service

It's important to remember that choosing an answering service is an investment in your business. Telephone operators become the "voice" of a business and are responsible for enhancing and maintaining the image of a company. Choosing an answering service that is incompetent and has questionable ethics would not be a good decision and would have poor effects on the image of the company.

By choosing a cheap service - with missed calls and long hold times - it's hard not to wonder if the revenue lost is worth the money that is saved by using a cheaper service.

In most cases, you get what you pay for and poor performance from an answering service costs infinitely more than a company would ever have to pay in fees.

Contact us - we'd love to talk about how a quality answering service can benefit your business!

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