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Call Linx

Call Linx is a Linux based windowed TAS system. Accurate and speedy message delivery is complimented by comprehensive statistic reports.

This system operates on the Linux Operating System, noted for its stability and universality. Agent training is simple and effective. Message processing can be free-form and/or scripted. System windows are user friendly.

Function buttons are clearly labeled. Information access is instant and organized. Management tools include supervisory safeguards such as pending dispatch and delivery review, call throttling, staff efficiency control, logging of database changes, and call-by-call statistics.

System Characteristics

Digital Switching

Call Linx is front-ended by Szeto Technologies' VMS4500, a Call Centre Switch that offers full feature voice mail. The equipment accepts telephone calls from the telephone network, using digital DS-1 (T-1), or analog DID (Direct-Inward-Dial) interface. Inbound calls are routed by automatic call distribution (ACD) to the appropriate agent stations, local or remote.

Linux Advantage

Call Linx benefits from the Linux Operating systems stability and reliability. Linux is a mature open source operating system with strong network capabilities providing strong firewall securities in web services and IP based networks.

Mouse Navigation Speeds Agent Training

Accurate agent training is a simple process, increasing call handling accuracy.

This system is designed to accommodate efficient and quick mouse navigation. All system functions and information access buttons are clearly labeled and well organized in every window. Only one mouse click is required for most call processing functions.

There are no mandatory "hotkeys" to memorize, although hotkey access is functional and available.

Remote/Satellite Site Stations

Select Answering Service runs on a propitiatory IP based network that spans the Province of Alberta. IP networks provide high speed communications combined with high reliability.

IP network disruptions will not affect call handling performance. Select's IP network runs from Calgary to Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie. There is no discernible difference in operation speed between work stations - regardless of their location.

Select Communications takes advantage of Call Linx's strong network capabilities. Agent stations are located in four major centers and networked together to a secure database server.

Communication traffic between the central servers and off-premise stations is optimized for efficiency, enhancing processing speed, flexibility, and reliability.

Superior Voice

Select's Call Linx hardware provides callers with clear-channel virtual receptionist service voice quality. Inbound, outbound, and patched audio is crystal clear.

Special Features

Auto Line Check - Fail Safe Call Forwarding

Auto Line Check demonstrates tremendous value and labor savings for professional and emergency services.

This process requires absolutely no human involvement unless a check-in shows failure, in which case Call Linx will alert the agent(s) and prompt for action.

"Auto Line Check" guarantees that all subscriber lines are properly forwarded to Select Call Center or Select's telephone answering service, and that lines stay forwarded during the service period.

Comprehensive Statistics

SQL standard call and activity logs contribute to flexibility in billing methods and speed up custom report development. Detailed data is available via CSV (comma separated value) files or MS Excel formats.

This system records comprehensive statistical data on system traffic, call connections, and message delivery. All data is stored in industry standard SQL databases. Reports can include connection details, message details, delivery counts, call counts administration logs, etc. All reports are printable and exportable for billing or other purposes.

Database History Logs

Select Answering Service's customers know exactly what is happening on their account or accounts.

All activities in Call Linx are logged and retrievable.

These include message delivery actions, administrative wrap ups, modifications of instructions, on-call schedules, client/subscriber file changes, etc.

Changed versions of messages are attached to the originals. Delivery reviews and message receipt confirmations are recorded.

These logs assure that all agents' time is accounted for, call processing actions are traceable, and message delivery is confirmed.

External Database Edit

This system imports, maintains, and "shares" external databases. The agents do not have to retype client database information into the TAS system. Operators can look up client specific data. They can even update the database and return the modified data to the client.

When connected with "branching" Call Linx Scripting, information in the imported database will serve as a powerful navigator to the appropriate part of the script. This enhances each operator's effectiveness and professionalism on every call.

Inbound Email

Call Linx notifies agents of incoming emails to clients that subscribe to this service. Spam detection is performed; and the emails are distributed to the respective clients.

Integrated Linx Scripting

Call Linx is equipped with "Linx Wizard Scripting" which can guide complex calls in a simple "Question and Answer" fashion. Based on the caller's response, the agent is guided to the next appropriate question. The conversation becomes consistent and fluid; and, with the help of pick-lists and pull-down menus, information collected becomes uniform.

Since Linx Scripting is an integral part of this system, it benefits from all of Call Linx's capabilities, including Caller ID, Caller Profile, Message Recipient Auto-fill, Message Delivery Sequencing, Customer Database Lookup, Auto Web Launch, etc.

Message Delivery Sequence and Documentation

Message delivery is flexible and documented. Call Linx provides very powerful message delivery sequencing in the combination of "Delivery Links" and "Delivery Chains".

A "Link" consists of scheduled delivery methods in a one-pass fashion.

A "Chain" consists of a sequence of delivery methods or "Links". Messages can be delivered to one or multiple parties.

Multiple Message Forms

Message forms are created according to special requirements - and according to our client's instructions. Client accounts can have different forms for calls of different natures.

This organizes message taking and is very suited to professional service and emergency calls. It gives an organized format to delivered messages. Mandatory fields insure that agents will not miss required information.

Performance Analysis

Account efficiency is monitored.

In numerical and graphical forms Call Linx's performance analysis gives an overall picture of caller behaviors, account and system traffic patterns, lost calls, inbound-versus-answer ratios and other information.

Quality Assurance

Call-Linx has supervisory tools that do real time monitoring and check message delivery accuracy. Monitoring is done both locally and remotely. Authorized individuals are allowed to listen in to the conversation between their callers and agents.

Delivery actions are logged automatically. Messages delivered by paging or by subscriber-call-in can be reviewed to insure receipt.

Template Programming

This lowers account set up time and associated charges.

This system is extremely user friendly to administrative "programmers". Clearly labeled buttons and pages are easy to access and to complete.

Time Zones

A TAS/Call Center operation may process calls for accounts that situate in different time zones. This system displays "local" time of the client location, to alert the agent that the caller is calling an account in a different time-zone location. This has been proven to be invaluable, especially when answering calls for clients with nation-wide(or even international) office locations.

Want more information about what the Call Linx system and our geeks could do for your business? Don't be shy! Contact us - we love to talk shop!

More Information - Szeto Technologies Inc.

Szeto Technologies is a Canadian company based in Montreal, PQ.

Szeto has a long history of hardware and software innovations in the communications industry. Click here for more information about Szeto Techologies.

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