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IVR Technology

IVR technology stands for "interactive voice response" technology". This is the technology provided by hardware and software that allows a caller to use a telephone to respond to prompts for information. This technology is also used to gather information, as in the case of telephone surveys, in which the user is prompted to respond to questions either by pushing numbers on a telephone or by verbally responding to prompts.

A key part of IVR systems is the ability to process input from callers. Traditionally, the only input that these systems have been able to recognize was telephone keypad entries. As technology continues to advance, it is becoming increasingly more common to see IVR systems that use voice recognition software. This software allows customers to give spoken word responses rather than pushing buttons.

An IVR application provides pre-recorded voice responses for appropriate situations, keypad signal logic, access to relevant data, and the ability to record voice input for later use. IVR applications make it possible, using computer telephony integration (CTI), to hand a call off to a human who can view the callers data on a display.

Using this technology saves businesses money by eliminating the need for live telephone agents and saves the customer time and effort by quickly and accurately directing them to the information they need.

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